Throughout history, jumpsuits have served a purpose as uniforms, functional suits and now more commonly as fashion statements. SETTA was born from the admiration of all kinds of jumpsuits; from utility boiler suits to feminine rompers, the versatility of this all-in-one garment is the foundation of our brand.

In each collection, we will create jumpsuits that provide versatility, comfort and style. We are inspired by the original skydivers who gave this garment their name and the brave wearers who have followed suit. Inspiration stems from the boldness of race car drivers, the precision of mechanics and the braveness of those first parachuters. Whilst they were once used as protection of the wearer’s inner garments; we now see jumpsuits as protection of our true inner selves and authentic style.


One reason we are obsessed with jumpsuits is the ease and convenience they bring to the wearer’s life. Inside of fretting over combinations of tops and pants; you can simply slip on a jumpsuit and let it do the talking. We find the right jumpsuit can be simply taken from day to night with accessories and provides much more wearability than dresses!

Disco brought the jumpsuit into the fashion scene and peak popularity. From the 1970s the jumpsuit has continued to evolve; with the “easy all in one” remaining popular for women ever since. The jumpsuit can be casual and glamorous; simple or extravagant, summer-ready or warm for winter. The design team at SETTA are inspired by the endless possibilities of the jumpsuit and therefore have aimed to become the first ready-to-wear fashion brand that sells jumpsuits exclusively. There is truly a jumpsuit for everyone and we hope to fill your wardrobe with these versatile, edgy all-in-ones. What kind of jumpsuit do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments.

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