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Virtual Reality X SETTA Jumpsuits

At SETTA, we are dedicated to developing the latest technology to create a unique shopping experience that no customer will forget. We want our customers to feel inspired by innovation and we feel the same; this is why we are constantly trying to push the boundaries at SETTA through design and user experience.

The latest integration we are hoping to launch this month on our website involves virtual reality; a powerful took connecting the fashion industry to the metaverse. We believe that soon virtual reality will become a huge part of the online shopping experience and want to explore the technologies as they come into market. As well as dressing the metaverse, we know that technology can become the answer to many sustainability issues.

As a commitment to sustainability; we want to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and one way to do that is through reducing the C02 emissions associated with shipping and returns. Whilst, we are confident you will love our product - we understand there is often hesitation with product colour or fit on the user. Working with experienced technicians has allowed us to provide a Virtual reality experience that allows you to view the product in person through your smartphone. It will show you the 3D garment through your viewfinder which you can then view in 360 and see if you love the style and design for yourself; without even buying the garment.

In this way we hope to reduce the amount of returns as you can now see for yourself if you would like the piece or not in real time! Stay tuned to see our virtual reality experience unfold!

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