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Why "Transeasonal"?

At SETTA we design clothing that will be forever pieces in your wardrobe

When trends come and go; are designs remain stylish, sexy and easy to love. Easy to love, easy to wear and easy to feel your best in! Our jumpsuits are all designed to go from day to night, from Autumn to Spring and we choose fabrics that will never go out of style. Invest in your future self when you buy a SETTA jumpsuit, these jumpsuits will continue to be effortless, functional and fun to wear; regardless of how many seasons pass through your life. 

What does 'Transeasonal' mean? We believe you should hold a special connection to each and everyone of your clothes; clothes are designed to life you up and you should feel excited to wear them each day. We have ensured that each jumpsuit is made from 

Sustainability is also a key focus for us; clothes shouldn't be thrown away - they should be passed down or repurposed. Many reasons why this cant happen is because clothes are designed to go out of style. Planned Obsolesce is not okay! We disagree with planning for a clothing's lifespan to end with the season. Instead, our jumpsuits are designed to be "Transeasonal" and reject the fast fashion trends that our society runs with. 

Building a capsule wardrobe with our jumpsuits is easy with each of our collections building upon each other. Every collection can be mixed and matched together seamlessly. 







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